Sexual and Reproductive Health of Adolescents and Youth in Senegal

Publication Year: 2021
Contributing Organisation: SOLTHIS
Authors: Melanie Punton, Emma Mulhern, Gabrielle Appleford
Learning Themes: Youth Integration

The SANSAS project aims to improve access to sexual and reproductive health rights for young people and adolescents in Senegal, in particular girls, young women and vulnerable youth.

This objective will be achieved by guaranteeing access to quality and appropriate health services and by promoting sexual and reproductive health education aimed at reducing gender inequalities and the violence that results from them. To achieve this, the intervention logic is built holistically around the supply of services and the demand concentrated on two targeted intervention areas to maximise the impact of the activities. The intervention will be articulated in school and out-of-school settings and around social and political mobilisation at local and national levels. The project’s approach is geared towards behavioural change, capacity building and empowerment of beneficiaries, especially young women and men, by involving their active participation at all stages of the project cycle. Gender-sensitive indicators identified by the operational research will ensure the impact of the project.

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