Meaningful Youth Engagement Assessment Results

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Learning Themes: Youth Integration

This presentation deck provides an overview of youth engagement in the Adolescents 360 program, summarising how A360 spoke to different aspects of youth engagement. It documents the different ways in which youth were involved in A360, and then reflects on the impact that had on overall program effectiveness. The presentation also alludes to gaps in the youth engagement process by highlighting the scope of improvement in the future. This reads like a slide deck that is complemented by a live presentation by a speaker, and therefore only has limited information which may otherwise need to be contextualised for someone who is only reading through the deck. Regardless, the ideas presented in this may be useful to anyone seeking to practice youth engagement in HCD+ASRH, or for evaluators of the A360 program. It can also provide ideas for funders and advocates on the elements of youth engagement that must be thought about in the design of a program.

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