Improving access to sexual and reproductive health rights for Ivorian youth and adolescents

Publication Year: 2022
Contributing Organisation: SOLTHIS
Authors: Melanie Punton, Emma Mulhern, Gabrielle Appleford
Learning Themes: Youth Integration

In Ivory Coast, where the median age is 19, young people’s access to sexual and reproductive health services is limited. This particularly affects young girls who are exposed to early and/or unwanted pregnancies (fertility rate of 124% for 15-19 year olds and 193% for 20-24 year olds), an over-representation of maternal mortality and morbidity, as well as gender-based violence (including female genital mutilation which affects more than a third of the adult female population and 11% of girls under 14). Women are also twice as affected as men by the HIV epidemic in Ivory Coast and the majority of new infections are among young girls.

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