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Using Human‑Centered Design Strategies to Identify Unmet Adolescent Sexual Health Wants and Needs

Authors: Cristina Leos, Elizabeth Chen, and Vichi Jagannathan

Publication Year: 2023

Tags: adolescent health, Human-centered design, Intervention development, mHealth, and Sexual health

Identifying Power Dynamics Among Target Audiences and Influencers in the Project Design Process

Authors: USAID and Transform PHARE

Publication Year: 2020

Tags: Barriers to contraceptive access, Behavioral economics in SRH programming, Contraception uptake in Côte d’Ivoire and Niger, Contraceptive use in Benin, HCD, and Human-centered design

Navigating through Institutional Review Boards for HCD Research

Authors: Kubai E.R. Ikiugu

Publication Year: 2023

Tags: Ethical approvals for HCD research, HCD research, Research, and Review Board

Human-Centered Design for Public Health Innovation: Codesigning a Multicomponent Intervention to Support Youth Across the HIV Care Continuum in Mozambique

Authors: Trena.I.Mukherjee, Allison Zerbe, and Joanna Falcao et al.

Publication Year: 2022

Tags: HCD innovation in HIV, HIV prevention in Mozambique, Involving youth in HIV prevention, and Youth-centered approaches to HIV prevention

A youth-centred approach to improving engagement in HIV services: humancentred design methods and outcomes in a research trial in Kisumu County, Kenya

Authors: Eliud O. Akama, Laura K. Beres, and Jayne L. Kulzer et al

Publication Year: 2023

Tags: HIV Care, HIV prevention in Kenya, and Involving youth in HIV prevention

Living Labs PrEP Adherence Study: Insights and Recommendations

Authors: PATH Living Labs

Publication Year: 2021

Tags: HIV Care, HIV prevention in Kenya, PATH Living Labs, and PrEP Adherance

Improving the reporting of health research involving design: a proposed guideline

Authors: Alessandra N. Bazzano, Shirley D. Yan, Jane Martin et al

Publication Year: 2020

Tags: Design, Design Guidelines, Design Thinking, and HCD

Human-Centered Design in the Context of Social Determinants of Health in Maternity Care: Methods for Meaningful Stakeholder Engagement

Authors: Kelly A. Umstead, Carolina Gill, and Marina S. Pearsall et al.

Publication Year: 2023

Tags: human-centered design methods to engage birthing parents a, Patient-centered strategies in maternity care, and Social determinants of health

Beyond Supply and Demand: A New Ecological Framework for Understanding the Access of Young Migrants to Sexual and Reproductive Health Services in Sweden

Authors: Mazen Baroudi

Publication Year: 2023

Tags: Sexual and Reproductive health for migrants, Sexual and reproductive health for young people, Sexual and reproductive health rights, Sexual and Reproductive Health services in Sweden, and Sexual rights

Nutrition Quality Of Care For Maternal, Newborn, Child, And Adolescent Health


Publication Year: 2022

Tags: Nutrition quality of care for maternal newborn child and adolescent health

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