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How can human-centered design build a story-based video intervention that addresses vaccine hesitancy and bolsters vaccine confidence in the Philippines? A mixed method protocol for project SALUBONG

Authors: Mark Donald C. Reñosa, Jonas Wachinger, and Kate Bärnighausen

Publication Year: 2021

Tags: Mixed method protocol, vaccine confidence, and Vaccine hesitancy

Improving COVID-19 vaccine acceptance: Including insights from human decision-making under conditions of uncertainty and human-centered design

Authors: Caroline M. Poland, Allison K.S. Matthews, and Gregory A. Poland

Publication Year: 2021

Tags: COVID-19 vaccine acceptance and Preferred Cognitive Style and Decision-Making Model

Human-centred design for tailoring immunization programmes

Authors: Francine Ganter Restrepo and Michelle Dynes

Publication Year: 2021

Tags: Human-centred design, Immunization programmes, and under-vaccinated populations

Human-centered design exploration with Kenyan health workers on proposed digital mental health screening and intervention training development: Thematic analysis of user preferences and needs

Authors: Manasi Kumar, Paul Macharia, and Vincent Nyongesa

Publication Year: 2022

Tags: health care workers, Human-centered design, mental health training and services, peripartum adolescent mental health, and technology acceptance model

A Call to Action: Using and Extending Human-Centered Design Methodologies to Improve Mental and Behavioral Health Equity

Authors: Colleen Stiles-Shields, Caroline Cummings, and Enid Montague

Publication Year: 2022

Tags: anti-racism, digital mental health, Human-centered design, and Mental health

Using human-centered design to develop an innovative female condom

Authors: Patricia S Coffey and Maggie Kilbourne-Brook

Publication Year: 2022

Tags: Dual protection, second-generation female condom, and Women's reproductive health

Using a Human-Centered Design Approach to Determine Consumer Preferences for Long-Lasting Insecticidal Nets in Ghana

Authors: Sharon Kim, Danielle Piccinini, and * Elorm Mensah

Publication Year: 2019

Tags: Consumer preferences, long-lasting insecticidal net, and Traditional research methods

The Importance of Human-centered Design in Equitable Health Promotion Initiatives

Authors: Bruce W. Sherman, Emily Stiehl, and Rukshana Gupta

Publication Year: 2023

Tags: Health promotion, Human-centered design, and Systems thinking

Applying Human-Centred Design Tools in Social Work Research: A Desire-Centred Approach

Authors: Rachel Goff, Kerryn Bagley, and Christina Sadowski

Publication Year: 2024

Tags: Desire-centred Research, Human-centred design, Marginalised Participants, Research Design, Research Methodologies, Risk and Vulnerability, and Social Work Research

Human-centered design thinking and public health education: A scoping review

Authors: Vivian Romero and Holly Donaldson

Publication Year: 2023

Tags: Co-design, Design Thinking, Empathy, Innovation, and pedagogy

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