The Insights 101 Playbook

Publication Year: 2023
Contributing Organisation: Breakthrough ACTION,USAID
Authors: Claudia Vondrasek, Juliana Rojas, and Eve Aronson
Learning Themes: Global Health

This Insights Playbook is an introductory guide to one of the key building blocks of dynamic SBC project design: Insights. It has been designed to offer concise and practical guidelines with examples – from identifying insights to applying and sharing them across project partners. Consider insights as the distillation of the formative research, that allows you to include the research findings in the design.

The purpose of this Playbook is to focus on the basics of Insights: identifying, articulating the insights, applying them in a design process, and sharing them to enhance the work of others in the same domain or field of work. This Playbook can complement existing resources about using formative research and project design by offering a concise, practical guide to developing insights. It also provides examples and resources that can be applied in a way that works best for you and your team.

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