Landscape Analysis Summary

Publication Year: 2022
Contributing Organisation: HCDExchange
Authors: : Rimjhim Surana, Tom Kipruto, Kethi Mullei and Anne LaFond
Learning Themes: Adolescent Insights

The integration of human-centered design (HCD) in global health practice is an emerging area of
exploration and learning. To advance learning on the application of HCD in adolescent sexual reproductive
health (HCD+ASRH), the HCDExchange conducted a landscape analysis examining the generation and use
of adolescent insights through HCD. The landscape analysis focuses on HCD+ASRH programs and experiences in sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia. The results of this analysis are presented in two
complementary publications:

Publication 1, Generating and Using Insights in ASRH Programs: The Role of Human-Centered Design (HCD) addresses the purpose and process of generating and applying adolescent insights through HCD in the context of ASRH programming. It also discusses the value of using an HCD approach and briefly illustrates solutions that have emerged from HCD+ASRH programs in the last ten years.

Publication 2, Adolescent Needs and Mindsets, Desires and Preferences: Insights from HCD+ASRH Programs illustrates and discusses the types of insights generated in HCD+ASRH programs reviewed in this
landscape analysis, categorizing them as insights related to adolescent needs and mindsets, desires and

This publication summarizes the key observations, conclusions, and recommendations for future learning
and exploration from Publication 1 and Publication 2.

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