The Benefits of HCD for Adolescent and Youth SRH

October 13, 2023

What are the overarching benefits of using human-centered design (HCD) for adolescent and youth sexual and reproductive health? We collaborated with PATH Senegal and YUX Academy to unpack the different approaches for incorporating the principles of HCD into adolescent sexual and reproductive health programs.

Here are the key takeaways: 

  • HCD solutions respond directly to the needs of the community/end-user(s).
  • HCD in adolescent health involves collaboration and buy-in by adolescents, health professionals, providers, advocates, and others engaged in the health system, to work together in all stages of design and implementation.
  • Product designers and service providers can better respond to the needs of clients within the cultural contexts of clients, when applying the principles of HCD.
  • A structured approach to HCD should at all levels include community/end-user inputs and involve planning, brainstorming, defining the issue(s), ideation, prototyping/testing the design, and implementation. Although structured, the process is always iterative.
  • The sensitive nature of SRH requires HCD to apply empathy, assure confidentiality, and provide/create safe spaces for adolescents to participate in data collection, interviews and related activities.
  • Challenges of HCD include incorporating flexibility into programs to allow for time, budget, for pilot trials of HCD.


  1. Watch the webinar recording
  2. Read the case study: Weer Wi
  3. Here is the session slidedeck

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