The HCDExchange community strategy: for an emerging HCD+ASRH field

Nov 26, 2020

The HCDExchange is a community of practice dedicated to advancing learning, evidence, and practice in human-centered design and adolescent sexual and reproductive health (HCD+ASRH). Together we explore, test, document, and evaluate this field, while supporting each other and sharing what we learn.

The HCDExchange community strategy articulates the vision and roadmap towards building a learning community around the application of HCD in ASRH.

Our community strategy is the outcome of a consultative process held between April 2020 to October 2020. During this period, the HCDExchange secretariat: 

  • interviewed more than 35 stakeholders, collected 74 survey responses, reviewed communities of practice in similar fields, and developed a first draft of the strategy,
  • collected feedback on draft 1 of the strategy from funders, 44 members of the community of practice, seven Youth Leadership Hub members, learning think tank and an advisory committee. Specific areas of feedback focused on youth personas, meaningful youth participation, learning agenda community participation guidelines and core principles as well as who we are serving, our activities and infrastructure. The reflections from these different consultations have been incorporated into this version. 

The strategy is people-shaped, not just in consultation, but in evolution, and in the way in which we intend to strengthen and advance the HCD+ASRH field. In the spirit of HCD and community ownership, we will periodically update this strategy to reflect new learning and insights. We aspire towards an HCD ethos of working with you to realize the desires of this emergent HCD+ASRH community of practice.

Curious to learn more? Read the community strategy deck and leave us some feedback on the document. We’d love to hear from you!