Ninakujali Program: Leveraging Economic Empowerment to Improve Access to SRHR

Nov 8, 2023

Meet the team behind Ninakujali Program

Ninakujali Program in summary

The Ninakujali Program targets young people between the ages of 12 and 29 to unpack How we might support youth in Kenya to develop soft skills for employment to enable them to meet their SRHR/HIV needs over time. To effectively build a solution that strengthens youth-friendly service delivery models to meet the SRHR needs of youths, the team used HCD research to co-create ideas. Here are the insights that emerged from the research;

Ninakujali Program is grounded on the premise of improving access to SRHR information and services for young people by weaving economic empowerment into their capacity building to help them navigate transition into adulthood and challenges that unfold. 

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