Men Stand Up

May 31, 2020

Men Stand Up was an innovative project led by YLabs that aimed at understanding young men’s perspectives on love, sex, relationships, and family planning that used qualitative design research methods including participatory storytelling and quantitative mobile IVR surveys in India, Kenya, Mali, and Nigeria.

This study aimed to understand young men’s needs, preferences, and behavior to inform the design of effective solutions to help couples plan their families and their futures.

Activities included a literature review, conducting qualitative design research in India and Kenya with 107 participants, including participatory storytelling, and analyzing mobile IVR surveys completed by 840 young men in India, Kenya, Mali, and Nigeria. In the final report and microsite, YLabs triangulated qualitative and quantitative data to identify key sexual and reproductive health challenges for participants and map design opportunities for the future that can better engage young men in family planning decision making.

Access the full report and young men’s stories and artifacts.