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Photo of six people at a clinic, source HCD Exchange

Incorporating human-centered design (HCD) principles in adolescent sexual and reproductive health (ASRH) programs allows implementers to offer youth-centered services while generating insights and evidence on human behavior that define solutions to ASRH challenges and facilitate new ways of working.

The HCDExchange was created to promote and share experience, practices and tools to integrate HCD into ASHR programming, with a particular focus on countries in East Africa, West Africa, and South Asia. It also aims to help program implementers and evaluators collaborate with youth and understand their needs and desires related to health and sexuality. The HCDExchange generates and builds upon HCD and ASRH information and resources and provides opportunities for researchers and program implementers, designers, evaluators, youth, and funders to work together.

Through the team, the community of practice, the advisory board, and the youth leadership hub, the HCDExchange facilitates the exchange of learning, best practices, and challenges to using HCD in ASRH programs. Based in Nairobi, Kenya, the HCDExchange is implemented by JSI along with partner InSupply, an independent supply chain advisory firm in East Africa and a JSI affiliate; and funded by the Hewlett Foundation, Children’s Investment Fund Foundation, and Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

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