Working Groups

HCExchange Working Groups are a key part of our efforts to boost learning and evidence about the application of HCD in ASRH programs. Supported and coordinated by the Secretariat, Working Groups are made up of members who are ready to collaborate on a learning topic, curate existing experiences, or generate new evidence for the broader community.

In 2021, the HCDExchange will launch working groups focusing on the following areas:

  • Adolescent ASRH Insights
  • Youth Integration in HCD+ASRH,
  • Monitoring and Evaluation on HCD+ASRH
  • Quality and Standards for HCD+ASRH

While Working Group models will vary to reflect specific goals and members’ capacity, availability, and interest, each will commit to:

  • Soliciting community inputs in framing and vetting learning products
  • Completing a task and/or creating a learning product within in a specific time period
  • Naming a coordinator / co-coordinators to lead and facilitate collaborative work

Working Groups will receive an operational budget to produce assets and products, including resources for meetings and activities. The Secretariat will also provide:

  • Links to relevant Youth Leadership Hub Associates
  • Facilitated discussion spaces on our community forum
  • Help to engage members on activities and product development, including coordinating member feedback
  • Support to reflect on learning and share interim and final products

Curious to learn more or join a working group? Email us at for more details.