We’re hiring: Community manager

Jul 1, 2020

Position Type: Full-time
Hiring Manager: Director, HCDExchange
Location: Anywhere in East Africa, West Africa, Southern Africa or South Asia
Salary: Commensurate with experience
Start date: August 1st 2020


The HCDExchange is a community of implementers, funders, designers, evaluators and youth committed to advancing learning and practice related to the integration of human-centered design (HCD) and adolescent sexual and reproductive health (ASRH) in low-resource settings, with a particular focus on countries in Sub Saharan Africa and South Asia. The HCDExchange aims to elevate young people’s agency, and systematically transform sexual and reproductive health outcomes for adolescents.

In 2018, The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, William & Flora Hewlett Foundation, and the Children’s Investment Fund Foundation funded a convening in Tanzania bringing together people and organizations working at the intersection of HCD in ASRH. This gathering showcased best practices, generated interest, and resulted in the launch of working groups to advance this field. More importantly, those involved started to see themselves as a community with a shared agenda.

In 2020, this same set of funders is supporting the next phase of this work — the HCDExchange — a community built on a collaborative model and dedicated to (1) establishing a supportive infrastructure, and (2) facilitating commitment amongst key actors. Our vision: a democratized (inclusive of diverse participants), localized (contextually relevant), and mutualized (jointly owned) HCD+ASRH field. During this phase, we are accelerating the development of a robust, efficient, and transparent HCD+ASRH field by increasing access to learning and networks and generating evidence about good practices, models, and effectiveness.


The HCDExchange team is searching for a Community Manager, a mission-critical, senior strategic role for the day-to-day management of our community of practice. The Community manager will facilitate the community’s learning agenda, ensuring that members have opportunities to document practices, share knowledge, improve skills, and work together to create public goods that advance the HCD+ASRH field. This person will understand the community deeply, be respectable in the ASRH+HCD circles, have a vibrant and upbeat connector personality, be an excellent writer and presenter, have tons of initiative, and be highly tech-savvy. S/he will also embody and model the community’s values and vision. As the main point of contact for potential, new, and existing members, the Community Manager will animate the community, provide support and guidance, activate and deepen connections across siloed groups (youth, designers, program implementers, funders, Governments, etc.), and nurture collaboration.

The Community Manager will work under the direction and supervision of the HCDExchange Director, and collaborate with the broader HCDExchange team.

Roles and Responsibilities

  1. Advance learning and facilitate knowledge sharing (in cooperation with the HCDExchange Director, West Africa Regional Coordinator and Senior Technical Advisors)
    • Facilitate the HCDExchange learning agenda — Orchestrate the community members to lead different parts of the learning agenda, staying in touch with working groups, members, surfacing their agendas, connecting community members with the right resources
      • Develop participatory strategies to translate knowledge and learning into practice
      • Build processes and designing activities (challenges, sprints) and templates for various media (audio clips, blog summaries, Zoom call highlight reels, etc.) that enable working groups to summarize learning and generate outputs at a regular cadence.
      • Facilitate the process of deciding how we’ll articulate our practices (for example by creating a shared collection of resources such as, stories, experiences, tools, cases, documents, and problem solving methods)
      • Being closest to the community’s assets and contributions, work in close coordination with other team members to harvest, curate, and share knowledge products and learning summaries (case studies, success stories, best practices, learning articles, etc.) towards promoting better understanding, knowledge and learning within the HCD+ASRH community with the ultimate objective of contributing to a culture of learning
    • Define the practical outputs and impacts of the community — (establish parameters for the assets that the community of practice would work together towards such as the HCD+ASRH Evaluation Standards, HCD+ASRH evidence database, developed HCD+ASRH practice, etc.
      • Undertake innovative initiatives on website content such as: creating YouTube videos or podcasts interviewing key players and developing relevant knowledge products around HCD+ASRH practice and influence
      • Solicit HCD+ASRH content, products, and materials from the community and provide a platform to share them
      • Coordinate development and dissemination of evidence and key learnings within the HCD+ASRH community (through webinars, website and other platforms) Includes soliciting for content from the community
      • Draft and/or contribute to developing blog posts, updates, and articles for publication
  2. Build, serve, and connect the community
    • Implement and evolve the community strategy — Operationalize and advance the community strategy and support documenting. This will include:
      • Acting as a community feedback conduit, advocating for adapting the strategy to evolve in alignment with members’ needs
      • Coordinating with the Program Monitoring, Evaluation & Learning Analyst to develop and track objectives and key results (monitoring metrics) and document the learning and rationale behind any strategic shifts
      • Identifying risk areas and ideating solutions in collaboration with the leadership team
    • Animate the community, serve members, and engage champions — Act as the community’s lead facilitator, inspiring and connecting prospective, new, and existing members around shared values and objectives, and helping them contribute and derive value from their participation. Responsibilities will include:
      • Develop action pathways, messaging, and facilitation guides for key member groups, outlining their journey from first point of contact onwards and establishing the processes, tooling/ templates, and messaging to engage and serve them
      • Orient new members and point them to the people, organizations, and resources that meet their needs, making introductions where necessary
      • Promote the community and its assets — people, organizations, projects, ideas, skills — and connect it to the broader ecosystem
      • Identify and celebrate champions, encouraging them to take leadership roles within the community (volunteer facilitator, topic lead, working group lead, etc.)
      • Help remote teams collaborate effectively
      • Seed and identify discussion topics (from HCDExchange leadership, emerging organically from the community, based on current events, around HCD tools/frameworks, etc.) and facilitate conversations
      • Create links with other HCDExchange digital and social media, in collaboration with the Digital Communication Consultant
      • Represent the HCDExchange in other communities
    • Model values and set the tone — Set the tone of what the community looks and feels like by creating a culture, modeling values, and being mindful with language and semantics. This includes:
      • Demonstrate equity, inclusion, diversity in design and sexual health to promote the democratization, localization, and mutualization of HCD+ASRH
      • Facilitate the development and documentation of socially constructed values
      • Maintain community participation guidelines and develop processes to address problematic behaviors
  3. Platform management, community technical infrastructure, and event production
    • Oversee platform management & technical infrastructure — Based on key user profiles (youth, designers, evaluators, governments, ASRH program implementers, etc.), configure and optimize the HCDExchange’s platform (powered by Discourse), features, categories, taxonomies, and information architecture (IA). Coordinate with Digital Communications Consultant, the Francophone / West Africa Regional Coordinator, and the Senior HCD Advisor to test and refine the user experience between the platform, website, newsletter, and any other digital channels. Troubleshoot any technical issues with members, identifying and coordinating with IT/support services, as needed. Maintain membership and events lists and manage community technologies, such as MailChimp, Slack, and Airtable.
    • Produce and promote events — With a focus on developing efficient systems and excellent experiences, support event moderators, panelists, speakers, guests, and participants in a number of digital and in-person formats (see list below). Collaborate with the Digital Communications Consultant to promote HCDExchange events.
      • Webinars (using Zoom features such as breakout rooms, ability to ask questions, etc.)
      • Instagram Live/Facebook Live/Youtube
      • Live broadcasts Masterclasses
      • Podcasts
      • Town halls (bringing together youth and high-level stakeholders, like funders and government)
      • Monthly community calls/meet-ups
    • Metrics and reporting — work with the Program Monitoring, Evaluation & Learning Analyst to track and document key metrics and analytics for across all HCDExchange engagement platforms and convenings. Analyse data and provide recommendations for decision making.

Skills and Experience

The HCDExchange Community Manager will have the following skills and experience.

Required skills and experience

  • Experience and deep comfort levels in the adolescent and sexual and reproductive health field, and especially nuances around rights, gender, safeguarding, and ethics
  • Ability to maintain sharp focus on meeting our ultimate goal: enhanced youth agency and improved sexual and reproductive health outcomes for adolescents
  • Community management experience, and especially in an intercultural, sexually diverse context, as well as a solid understanding of online etiquette and good practices for managing members who act in ways that go against community culture or participation guidelines
  • The ability to design systems and processes
  • Experience helping a diverse range of people (from adolescents to Executive Directors, Government officials, funder, media, different ages, different cultures) articulate their needs, challenges, and aspirations; connect and collaborate with others; and learn new skills
  • Strong technology skills: the candidate must know experience using, or the have the ability to learn and use new software and apps (Airtable and Discourse, for example) — and help others to do the same Ability to work as part of an international team across different time zones

Skills and experience that provide an added advantage

  • Deep understanding of human centered design, including critiques and variations (service design, equity-centered community design, liberatory design, etc.)
  • History and connections with youth organizations and activists in the global south
  • Coaching, mentoring, and pedagogical approaches that support professional development
  • Community organizing, movement- / coalition- / network-building, and advocacy experience
  • Change management (introducing new technologies, processes, or practices)
  • Experience “working open” or “working out loud”
  • A philosophy and set of practices around managing diverse remote teams
  • A Bachelors or Masters degree in Marketing, Community Development, or a related field would be an added advantage


Preference is for a bilingual candidate. English is the working language for this assignment; excellent oral and written communications and presentation skills in English are required. Working knowledge of French will be an added advantage.

Application Process

To apply please submit your application to recruitment@insupplyhealth.com. Your application should include your CV (indicating all past relevant experiences), Cover letter (describing in a succinct and captivating manner why you’re an excellent candidate for this role.

Application deadline is COB 10th July 2020 with applications reviewed and considered on a rolling basis as received.