Sarah-Jane Boden

Sarah-Jane is a seasoned marketing and communications professional with over 24 years of experience. She has worked with prominent local, pan-African, and global brands, including UNOPS, Decathlon, VW, ABInbev, Vivo Energy and Nelson Mandela Children’s Hospital. Sarah began her career as a production assistant and gradually transitioned to writing and generating ideas for diverse communication campaigns. As a Strategic and Creative Director, she led award-winning initiatives targeting youth engagement and successfully tackled various communications challenges across numerous social and commercial projects spanning multiple countries, cultures and audiences.

Driven by her passion for media, the arts, storytelling, and urban culture, Sarah launched Represent, an influential urban and youth culture website in the 2000s. This milestone propelled her career into PR, digital content, and impactful online storytelling. She went on to establish SoulProviders Collective Content Agency and co-founded Suketchi Branding and Design Agency and SoulProviders East in Eswatini, creating numerous job opportunities and working with a diverse range of organisations. Sarah’s expertise extends to areas such as social, gender and racial justice, intersectionality, diversity and inclusion.

Today, Sarah is a respected consultant in strategic communications, organizational design, women-in-leadership, women founders and diversity and inclusion. She collaborates with multilateral organizations, NGOs, and social businesses to drive positive change and empower organizations in an ever-evolving communications and
media landscape.