Peter Nasokho
Peter Nasokho - Monitoring, Learning, and Evaluation Lead

Peter Nasokho is HCDExchange’s Monitoring, Learning, and Evaluation Lead. He has over 20 years of experience in Monitoring, Evaluation, Research, Data management, Analysis, and Reporting. Peter has worked with various organizations including International Christian Support Fund (ICS) – Africa, US Centers for Disease Control (CDC), AMREF Health Africa, Management Sciences for Health (MSH), Research Triangle Institute (RTI), MEASURE Evaluation, and most recently Pathfinder International in various capacities.

Peter also has experience working with the Kenyan Ministry of Health (MoH), Department of Children Services to fill in the gaps in data collection, building the capacity of partners on the use of information for decision making and monitoring their projects. He also provided technical support to counties in Kenya to help strengthen the capacity of the MoH staff on the use of information for decision-making.

Working with MEASURE Evaluation, Peter led the operationalization of World Health Organization’s (WHO) malaria surveillance guidelines in Kenya, which informed the malaria program managers on the country’s malaria situation.

Most recently, Peter worked on Pathfinder International’s, CASE-OVC project, where he was responsible for steering the strategic information thematic agenda to ensure that all USAID M&E processes are adhered to. Peter holds a Bachelor of Arts from Egerton University, Kenya, and a postgraduate certificate in Survey Research Techniques from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor USA. He is currently pursuing an MA in Monitoring and Evaluation at Mt. Kenya University in Kenya.