Kate Sheahan
Dr Kate Sheahan - Technical Advisor

Dr Kate Sheahan is a Technical Advisor to the HCDExchange and a Senior Advisor for Research, Monitoring, and Evaluation at JSI. She is passionate about reproductive rights and believes that adolescents should play a central and vibrant role in designing sexual and reproductive health programs that meet their needs and preferences. Her work focuses on analyzing the influence of specific intervention approaches on service delivery and health outcomes. At HCDExchange, Dr Sheahan focuses on generating evidence about the potential of Human-Centered Design to improve adolescent sexual and reproductive health programming. She has led, advised on, and analyzed health projects in over a dozen countries in Africa and Asia. Dr Sheahan completed a Master’s in Public Health at Tulane University, a PhD in Health Policy and Management at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and postdoctoral training at the U.S Department of Veterans’ Affairs where she focused on improving primary care for women veterans and veterans living with HIV.