New landscape analysis available on Insights generation in ASRH programs

May 30, 2022

We are proud to launch two new sector resources examining the current landscape of insights generated through human-centered design in adolescent sexual reproductive health (HCD+ASRH) programming. The landscape analysis addresses gaps in documentation and curated learning on the application of human-centered design to adolescent sexual reproductive health. The reports contribute to advancing learning in the sector and guide practice and future investment.

Report 1 – Generating and Using Insights in ASRH Programs: The Role of Human-Centered Design (HCD)

Report 1 addresses the purpose and process of generating and applying adolescent insights through HCD in ASRH programming. It discusses the journey of insights generation and use, and the value of using an HCD approach from the perspective of practitioners and funders. It also briefly illustrates solutions that have emerged from HCD+ASRH programs in the last ten years.

The French language version of the report will be available soon.

Report 2 – Adolescent Needs and Mindsets, Desires and Preferences: Insights from HCD+ASRH Programs

Report 2 illustrates and discusses the types of insights generated in HCD+ASRH programs reviewed in this landscape analysis, categorizing them as insights related to adolescent needs and mindsets, desires and preferences. It provides the reader with examples of the kinds of insights that emerged from HDC+ASRH programming and discusses common themes and relevance to practitioners and funders.

The French language version of the report will be available soon.