Join the HCDExchange Advisory Committee

Mar 4, 2021

The HCDExchange is diversifying the Advisory Committee and opening up to new membership. 

The HCDExchange first formed an Advisory Committee in July 2020 to provide the Secretariat with expertise, leadership support, and strategic direction. Primarily comprised of dynamic, passionate and experienced leaders in the HCD+ASRH community, the Advisory committee performs the following duties:

  • Lend their voices and influence as HCD+ASRH champions
  • Advocate for the adoption of good practices and for the generation of evidence
  • Broker partnerships and create opportunities to secure political and financial capital for the HCDExchange and community of practice

The committee served for an initial period of six months. We are now seeking to expand membership for 2021. Members serve on a voluntary and uncompensated basis. We expect to have 7-9 members this year.

To join the team, below are brief requirements. You will need to:

Be a member of the HCDExchange community of practice: 

Which means you are drawn from one of the constituent actors: designers, evaluators, funders, government, youth and implementing organizations with geographical alignment in Sub Saharan Africa and South Asia,and who have read and signed the community participation guidelines.

Be excited to join a team driving learning on HCD+ASRH through an vibrant youth centric community.

We recognize that we are on an ambitious journey with two extensive goals: building a vibrant community and curating and generating learning on HCD+ASRH. These require our collective energy, skills and experience. To minimize ceremonial roles and foster agility, the advisory committee will keep as an active lean team of 7-9 active members. Advisory committee members serve in a voluntary, non-compensated capacity.

Be willing to serve at least a nine month term, until December 2021, with a maximum of one two hourlong meeting every quarter 

For this period, the advisory committee will serve until the end of 2021, with eligibility for re-appointment upon a joint review in Dec 2021. We will conduct quarterly meetings that will be two hours long. We will have a dedicated HCDExchange Programmes Analyst as a point person for correspondence from the HCDExchange to provide a list of community events, and documents requiring attendance and review in advance for adequate planning.

Expression of Interest

We invite community members who are interested in lending their expertise as Advisory Committee members and discussing this role further to express their interest via this application form by March 28, 2021. The full terms of reference can be downloaded below: 

Advisory Committee TOR – 2021