How to Get Involved

We are enthused about collaborating with organizations working in the HCD+AYSRH space. We are always on the lookout for projects and initiatives to create opportunities for learning and sharing. This can include co-hosting workshops or learning webinars, contributing thought pieces and testing and validating our learning work. Connect with us to find out about how we can work together.

Join our Community of practice

Our diverse Community is made up of practitioners interested in exploring how human-centered design approaches can improve adolescent and youth sexual reproductive health program outcomes. We host monthly virtual events featuring experts from HCD+AYSRH projects such as webinars and workshops where members can engage with core learning topics and improve their HCD skills. Members can also participate in an active discussion forum to build on the ideas shared in our learning work and events.

Learn about the latest news from the HCD+AYSRH space

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