Youth Leadership Hub Project Exhibition: The Role of HCD in Creating High Quality Solutions for Young People

The HCDExchange Youth Leadership Hub (YLH) is a cohort of five youth HCD+ASRH leaders from sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia who offer insight on young people’s lives and experiences, lead meaningful youth engagement efforts, and demonstrate youth leadership across HCDExchange’s work. The YLH launched individual learning projects as capstones in October last year to complete their tenure with the Hub.

Each Associate selected a topic or challenge that is meaningful to them, and have developed and implemented a project with a small grant from the HCDExchange. From a toolkit focused on how to better communicate the value of HCD to youth, to the development of a Comprehensive Sexuality Program, to a new platform where young people can discuss post-sex fears – these projects cover topics and themes that matter to young people, and how HCD can play a role in creating high quality solutions.

Join us for an exhibition of these projects, on March 30th, where YLH Associates will present their final projects and learnings in an interactive session!

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Mar 30 2022


4:30 pm


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