The Community is made up of individuals and organizations interested in exploring the application of human-centered design in adolescent and youth sexual reproductive health (HCD+AYSRH) programming. Members range from experts who are actively working in design-led AYSRH programs as experienced implementers, designers, evaluators, donors, funders, policy makers and young professionals, to those who are interested in the application of HCD in AYSRH programming.

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How We Engage the Community

Youth Engagement

One core principle of the community is to ensure our work is shaped by the lived realities of youth. Our ethos is summed up by the WHO Global Consensus Statement on Meaningful Adolescent and Youth Engagement, Roger Hart’s Ladder of Participation and CHOICE for Youth and Sexuality’s Flower of Participation. We are dedicated to engaging youth participants meaningfully and amplifying youth voices in everything we do.

Community Forum

Connect, learn, and engage with other practitioners working at the intersection of HCD and AYSRH


Participate in a learning event and workshop to learn about emerging practice, knowledge and gain helpful skills


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We are always on the lookout for collaborations with projects and initiatives in HCD+AYSRH to create opportunities for learning